Services to Abused Families, Inc. 



Director, Karen

Karen has been with SAFE for over eight years and we can honestly say we wouldn't be where we are today without her countless hours of dedication and hard work.  Her credentials speak loudly as she is known for her selfless work ethics.  During 2015 The Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance (Richmond, VA) awarded Karen the Purple Ribbon Award for her work in domestic violence.  She was recognized for "demonstrating exemplary commitment to restoring power and hope to victims who have experienced domestic violence through the provision of direct client services". Karen uses her background as a teacher and Certified Housing Counselor to assist all in providing excellent service. 

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Community Outreach Coordinator, Brooke

Brooke is a graduate from Culpeper County High School, Class of 2007. She is currently a graduating student at Liberty University and will be receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with a concentration of Substance Abuse: Addiction and Recovery in the Spring of 2017.  Her passion to help others, even from a young age, is evident to all. Brooke strives to make a difference in the lives of all whom she encounters and is excited to be a part of such an amazing organization. She strongly believes the work that is done for others will live on stronger than anything she can do in life for herself. 

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Children's Program Coordinator, Jennifer 

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Justice System Advocate, Margaret

Go just about anywhere in Culpeper and you'll find someone who knows Margaret. Her tireless service of advocating for survivors built her reputation as someone who gets the job done. Margaret spends much of her day in Culpeper courts helping survivors navigate the criminal justice system. Her years of teaching and military vet proves she has the patience and intelligence to work through any problem. Margaret facilitates support groups and has helped hundreds of people realize there is life after abuse. As much as anyone, Margaret is the face, the heart and the soul of SAFE.

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DV Advocate, Dawn

Servicing survivors of intimate partner violence in the counties of Madison, Rappahannock, Orange, and Culpeper. Dawn offers her support in the areas of court advocacy, supplemental one-on-one counseling, support groups, domestic violence education, and community resources. She has a passion for helping others, and does so with positive encouragement and empathy. One of her favorite quotes is, “I am not what has happened to me. I am what I choose to become.” ~ Carl Jung.

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SV Advocate, Luther

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Victim Advocate, Mery

Mery a native of Peru where she was an obstetrician, Mery is one of SAFE's shelter staff. She was the first obstetrician to work in Spain with pregnant teenagers with HIV/AIDS. She has volunteered at Culpeper Hospital for five years and worked for several years with a Cancer Support Group.  She brings not only knowledge but enthusiasm to her work at SAFE. At the shelter, Mery makes sure the residents' needs are met. She is working toward a degree in counseling. Mery is bilingual in English and Spanish.

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Hispanic Outreach Coordinator, Joana

Joanna's spirit is infectious. She loves helping people that come her way. Joanna says, "It's rewarding to know you made a difference in someone's life." Born in Chicago, Joanna's family moved to Arizona, where she grew up. Joanna has a degree in Arts and Education and worked for Head Start while in Arizona. Joanna reaches out and provides services to all, but particularly to the Hispanic population. She is bilingual in Spanish and English.

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Direct Service Advocate, Tracy

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General Advocate, Samedsen

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Shelter Coordinator, Angie

Angie has found joy in assisting those in need for over four years. Prior to working with SAFE, Angie had a managerial background in retail business where her passion for helping others started. She brings a compassionate energy to work each day regardless of what duties are at hand. We can truly say that she never falls short of assisting in all areas within the agency while having a productive, "let's get it done" attitude. 

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Shelter Advocate, Aida

Aida is bilingual in English and Spanish.

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Shelter Advocate, Natasha

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Shelter Advocate, Michelle

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